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We have streamlined our puppy programs into one, all inclusive package to give you the best possible learning experience for your new pooch. We have a program designed to cover all the essentials for puppy raising, but the private lesson format allows for customization if you have special requests.

Solve Behavior Problems
Biting, chewing, jumping, potty training, etc

Learn Basic Obedience Commands
Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Loose Leash Walking, Polite Greetings etc

Learn to Learn
Develop skills and games to help us communicate with your puppy in all situations

Group Classes provide opportunity to practice with distractions, and gain exposure to other dogs and people in a safe and controlled setting.

Puppy Private Lesson Package $300

  • Three One Hour Private Lessons, In Home
  • One Month of LFL Gym Membership  (Includes access to Gym Class on Mondays and Thursdays, and Dog park Class on Saturdays)
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